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Branch part 3

There have been a few requests to put our ceremony here for you to see, espesialy Natalies reading, so here it is.

Brief welcome Natalie's Dad - and gathering of people ready for ceremony

Natalie and Jack's arrival

Jack's Introduction
Thanks for coming to our little party. In cased you haven't heard we are going to sneak in a wedding. Natalie and I want you all to help us celebrate tonight as we share our commitment to each other. We want tonight to be fun for everyone.

We have been together for a while now, and over the last 7 years Natalie and I have moved from just friends 'who were not going out', to deeply in love. Our trust and belief in each other has grown very strong. It is this love and trust we want to share with you our friends and family.

We have gathered some of our close friends to help us out here in front of you all. Choosing which friends would be up here with us was difficult so we just went with lots of them. So we have with us: Damion, Yasmin, Kelda, Pete, KT, Tom, Sandy, Robby, Jules, Steve and Krisy. There were more we wanted but we decided we should show some restraint.

Also to help us with the legal side and with great guidance on how and more importantly why we are here is our celebrant Carol Huish.

Most importantly all of you our friends and family are here to help us celebrate.

Thank you

Celebrant - Carol's Welcome:
Family and friends, you are a very important part of Natalie & Jack's lives, your warmth, your love, ongoing friendship and support is hugely appreciated, and contributes to their ability to make a loving and lasting commitment to one another. Together they do share something special, but they are also aware that they do not exist alone. You have all had a positive, lasting impact on their lives and they cannot imagine any other fabulous group of people they would rather share this wonderful celebration with. Welcome!

It is important to Natalie & Jack that you, their family and friends, share with them first-hand their commitment to one another. They want you to know they understand that love is for sharing and hope this ceremony will remind us all to cherish our partners, our family and our friends.

For Natalie and Jack, this marriage involves a loving, honest and open relationship based on the equal freedom and identity of each of them. It is a commitment to share each others joys and sorrows, to give support and encouragement and to grow and change together in the years to come.

As individuals, Natalie & Jack have travelled their own paths and shaped their own destinies and all the while they have been growing towards each other. In their journey together they have shared some amazing times and experiences, they have faced many challenges and overcome them as a couple who listen to one another, who complement each other as partners in love. Having found each other, Natalie & Jack feel that their lives are fulfilled. They inspire one another and always strive to be better people because of each other's influence. They are life partners who have found happiness, confidence in life and assurance in love and a belief that no matter how delightful or difficult the path, they are secure knowing they will continue to travel it together.

Ladies and gentlemen, as Natalie & Jack commit themselves to one another today, they ask for your blessing. They stand before us all making a commitment for life, and in this spirit we wish them all the happiness in the world.

Jack Introduces Natalies reading
I have asked Natty to read something she wrote. It is about us, and how and why Natalie feels we should get married. I found it on the laptop while trying to find some other wedding notes Natty had made. When I read it, it made me cry. Natalie wrote it when she was not sure about the whole wedding thing. Being married is OK it is just the wedding she was not sure about. Natalie hadn't read it again until I showed it to her, I hope you like it as much as I did.

Reading by Natalie
Why get married, it's not for the institution, and it is not for society's traditions, that don't hold much sway with me, nor for any sense of acceptance or the white dresses and the formal airs that just don't have relevance in our lives. But here I am and here I stand with Jack, Jack that I care about so much. It is not out of a sense of duty that I feel so strongly blinded with this boy, it is not from a want to be a good wife that I strive to make our life together better and better. It is because he is a friend and because I care about what he thinks and feels. I care about who he is and who he is becoming. Here is a person who's relevance to me is higher than anyone else, just because of the person he is. It is his company I seek, it is his opinion I look for, it is him that gives more relevance to my life than any thing or any one else.

I want to watch him grow. I am interested to see the person he will become. I don't want to hold him back and stop him going out. I want to see him develop friends, have late nights out or stay at home for together time. I want the whole person, the three dimensional person, the one that does things that are considered great and the one who does what is considered wrong. There is not a boundary between the guy who comes home from work to the guy who goes out with his friends.

What binds us together?
It is not responsibility, it is not fidelity, and it is not keeping up appearances. It is simpler than all that, it is two people wanting to share a life together, two friends, lovers who watch out for each other, care for each other and want to watch each other grow. It is about an honesty that comes naturally, an openness between us that is complete. It is about allowing each other to grow and experience, to sometimes be selfish and sometimes to be giving and to not judge too harshly. It's about spending a night surrounded by people and being the only two people there, and then another night being completely independent and spending time with our friends and developing other relationships. All the while knowing where we are physically and emotionally in relation to each other. Our relationship is about talking into the night about some piece of computer code or a new gadget or an article in New Scientist. It is about being separate, then bringing something back. About having the space to develop.

I can't imagine waking up one day and wondering who this person is next to me. At least I can't imagine it happening more often than I ask the same question of myself. Allowing a person to have many sides allows them to be comfortable and to be amazing. To not be trapped in a straight jacket of expectation allows us to be creative flexible and honest. These are not things I imagine celebrating in a stiff affair, wearing white with vows that jar badly with the rules of our engagement. Where is the passion, where is the depth, where is the quiet knowing we are right we are together and we are happy. For this, surely we need deep tribal drums, we need something deep and resonate, something old fashioned, not in the sense of some stuffy tradition of the last few hundred years, but something deeper and more ancient. We want our hands tied together to symbolise our ties we want to rub noses together in an understated yet profound Eskimo way, We need the ancient Indian chiefs to conjure up spirits and the Aboriginal spirits to wish us good journey. We want music and dancing and fire and abandon. We want colour and spectacle, all proclaiming this union to be something we know is special and are now sharing. We want a circle or friends to come and support us in our real and changing relationship and to give us support and wish us luck. We want something, a ceremony that speaks truly about our nature our developed and intelligent nature our passionate sexual nature our caring and considered nature. Something that is so stripped away and raw that we can define and redefine ourselves with in it and still feel the relevance, still feel the closeness of it all, but also with the wisdom to let go and draw back again as the tides flow.

Jack ask everyone:
We would like to ask all of you our friends and family to witness our commitment to each other, to support us in all our endeavours, help our love to grow stronger and to help us make our life together a fun and exciting adventure. We ask you all will you support us in our journey together as partners in love for life?
Guests reply loudly in the affirmative:

Celebrant - Monitum:
My name is Carol Huish
And I am a Civil Marriage Celebrant,
And I am duly authorised by the law
To solemnise this marriage
According to the laws of Australia.
Before you Jack and you Natalie
Are joined together in marriage
In my presence
But far more importantly
In the presence of
Your family and friends,
I am bound to remind you publicly
Of the serious and binding nature
Of the relationship into which you
Are about to enter.
Marriage as most of us understand it,
Is the voluntary and full commitment
Of a man to a woman and a woman to a man
It is made in the deepest sense
To the exclusion of all others,
And, it is entered into with the desire,
The hope and the firm intention
That it will last for life.

Celebrant - Asking:
Natalie and Jack do you promise to love each other with trust, and commitment. Will you work with each other grow together and to share an exciting life together?
"We will"

Marriage Vows:
Jack Says to Natalie:
Natalie I am here to tell the world that I think you are the most amazing person and that I Love you very deeply.
I promise to trust and support you as we grow and change.
I will always be there to help you when you need me
I will do the multi-tasking for you.
I am looking forward to the fun we will have
I am excited to be marrying you
I am yours.

Natalie says to Jack :
Jack, I love you
You are my lover, my friend, my energy
My Support and encouragement are here for you to develop and grow
into the wonderful person you are
I can't wait to make a home in the world with you,
as we make the world our home
I am looking forward to our life together
I am excited to be marrying you
I am yours

Exchange of rings:
Natalie and Jack say to each other:
This ring is a reminder of the love I feel for you.

Final Declaration:
Natalie and Jack on behalf of us gathered here, I extend to you our love and support. May your relationship flourish and grow throughout a long and happy life together. By the powers vested in me as a Civil Marriage Celebrant, I now pronounce you joined in marriage and love.

Jack and Nat Kiss

Signing of the Register:

Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to present to you
Jack & Natalie!

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