Natalie & Jack's Wedding Tiger part 3
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Branch part 3

Our running order seemed to work well everyone looked like they were having fun.
  • Everyone arrived and got a drink (Bubbly!) and mingled with music playing
  • The Bridal party gathered together and everyone gathered around
  • Natalie and Jack walked in to join the party
  • Wedding ceremony was preformed with all our friends and family around us relaxed and enjoying and celebrating with us.
  • The Ceremony finished and everyone mingled and we chated with everyone, more music and drinks
  • Cocktail style food was served while people mingled with music we wanted to encourage people to talk with lots of people not just those at their table.
  • Main course was served (noodle box) more mingling
  • Family and friends said their bit (speeches)
  • More food and drinks into the night
  • Everyone was relaxed, danced, chated and had fun (general bar, beer wine etc)
  • Desert was served (cake, chocolate)
  • Partied on into the night
The idea was we wanted a party that was our wedding rather than a wedding with a party tacked on. I think we got it.

For the keen ones we partied on at Manturia in town, that was also lots of fun.
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